Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Night I Could Do Without!

Not much sleep last night. Ended up with the DH in the Emergency Room for his kidney stones! The fool went to work today with only 2 hours sleep or so. He's crazy.

Not much energy in me today but I have been trying to get some painting done. I finished an ACEO for a friend and another to put on Ebay...............

Friday, August 29, 2008

A Breath of Fresh Air

Sarah Palin, Vice Presidential Candidate. What a breath of fresh air! A Washington Outsider. Conservative. Prolife. Young. Dynamic. Tough Cookie. Small town advocate. Middle Class ties. Worker friendly. Pro energy independence. Energy expert. Pro USA. A woman & mother. Good choice John McCain, a wonderful pick. Now this IS the winning ticket!

Obama's ticket does the talk and your ticket does the walk!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sadly End of Summer

It's end of August and summer is almost over. The temps when in the 70's feel like winter to me. It's getting to the point that I will have to think about warmer clothing (booo hoooo) and the pony tail can come down. How sad! I love summer, what a bummer............ah a poet & dont know it! :)

This weekend is Labor Day and I have to Labor on Labor crummy is that? I haven't had a Labor Day off in 20 years as I always have to work State Fair because that's out last day and we close up the exhibit that day. But this is my last year. Someone else will be taking it over next year...yippeeeee. Twenty years of anything is enough. I love the fair but I am getting too old to work those long hours and haul and setup and pack up our stuff. I'm glad there will be new blood.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Wow Factor

I am happy to report that my state fair exhibit for my agency has the WOW factor. I generally determine if what I do has the wow factor by the following method. If a person comes through spends time with my exhibit goes around the rest of the MD DNR displays and then comes BACK, I have the WOW factor. This year I definitely have it! I have a touch tank with aquatic insects, a stream tank with stream fish, preserved aquatic insects for a demonstration of a quick stream health assessment and some live stream bugs in petri dishes............everyone LOVES them. wooohoooooooo

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fair or Not Fair?

Ha ha your attention...this has nothing to do with being fair or what's fair. It has to do with the fact that State Fair began yesterday and I'm the exhibits coordinator for my agency at the MD Department of Natural Resources.

Set up went marvelous. Everything was wonderful. I had folks bring me fish and aquatic insects. They did an outstanding job bringing a nice variety. That was Thursday. On Friday I worked the exhibit. I like to work the first and last day and then I get people from our agency to work the other days and I'm on call. Well the first day was MOBBED. This year the MD State Fair built us a building. In past years we were in a tent. What a wonderful change. We had AC!!!! So I didn't have to go through 40 lbs of ice a day for the fish!

It was much nicer and cleaner too! I only had a couple of mini-disasters during the first day. When I arrived 3 blacknose dace had jumped out of the stream tank. And there was one dead. A tadpole jumped out of the touch tank. He ended up going back in for food for the crayfish. Speaking of the crayfish, the little devils ate my stonefly! Oh well. We will be needing more aquatic insects midweek. I can see that now.

Today was the MD River of Words ceremony. I run the poetry & art contest for kids. It went really well. I had arranged for the kids to get discount ride tickets this year. So most of the pressure is off of me for this fair I guess it's fair huh? Nah, actually it's not fair, it's EXCELLENT....hope the rest of the week and breakdown goes just as well.

Friday, August 15, 2008


..........I'm really enjoying my semi-retirement. I've been retired now for ummmmm let's see 2 years or so. But I work for my employer on contract 2 days a week so I'm semi retired. Today was a typical retired person day. I got up at 8 am (much later than I normally do), painted some china, went shopping, painted some more, played around on the computer and the day is almost gone.

Thank you God for the blessing of retirement! :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wonderful Wonderful Life.... my son passed his journeyman's exam and now he's a licensed sheet metal mechanic....yeah..........I sold a blown egg for good money on Ebay....the weather's broken and it's nice and daughter is home safely from church mission is good at the Wheeler's and I thank God for all my blessings......

I feel so badly for the person killed and the people injured in the accident on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. A tractor trailer had an accident with 2 other cars and his truck went off the bridge into the water. He died. I pray for him and his alwful.........

Today was crazy busy at was like a little house of horrors but I made it through. Now I'm off for 2 days before I go back in. I love working 2 days a week. I'm also blessed that I can afford to retire and only work part-time. How wonderful...................Yesterday I was shopping. I love shopping...well anyway was buying some new clothes for the grandbaby, Mason......beforehand I had gone over to a friends for bruch with her, her guy friend and a friend we have in common (prior coworker) It was fun to spend time with them. Then we walked down to the beach. Boy it was hot. I sat there for an hour or two and excused myself. Needed to go get a soda and shop.............LOL.....I love shopping. My favorite hobby.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


What's up with me?? I sold 2 art cards on Ebay this week. Things have been slow so this really charged me up!

I've been teaching a friend china painting. It's been fun. She comes once a week for 2 hours. She's doing well but she's a decorative painter so some of it comes easy.

At work I'm getting ready for State Fair. This will be the last time I will be coordinating our work exhibit......thank God! Summer is always a busy time at work and now that I'm retired and working there 2 days a week on contract, it's worse because I'm only there 2 days!

Jackie is away a church mission trip to Biloxi Mississippi doing Katrina Rehab pray for her and the 12 others she's with. I sure do miss my little Sunshine.

Friday I'm going to a friends for a tea party...what fun!!!!

I've been working on a new's a surprise for the Daughters of Charity in Catonsville.......shushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........I go to an icon painting class every other Monday. I figure it will take at least 2 more months to finish it.

So what's new with you?