Monday, May 26, 2014

On the Road again.....One More Day...

...and I go to visit my cousin Annie, known to her friends as Anna but she'll always be Annie to me.
Here's a photo of Annie and I when we were kids and one with us last year. We haven't changed much, we are just xxxx years older, she's now taller even though she's younger, we both wear glasses... We were thick as thieves. In my heart, she was the sister I always wanted to have. You would never know we are cousins by looking at us. Yes I am 1/2 Italian but I got Mom's color genes so I always stuck out in the crowd at my Yori family get togethers. I used to pray to God to make me look more like my Italian cousins but I never got the tan. LOL

 Last year I went to visit her in Cedar Key, Florida with my Dad. It was his last plane ride anywhere. I just happened to have 2 free airline tickets courtesy of Delta SkyMiles (thank you Delta). I'm so glad I took him here. He had a blast.  Annie, cousin extraordinaire wears many hats, singer, song writer, children's book writer and Clammer. Yep you read right. She's a clammer. The only woman waterman there is down in Cedar Key. Some call her Clamourous!

Well Dad was in 7th Heaven because he could eat all the clams he wanted and believe me he could put away some clams and Annie and Mike (her husband) kept them coming.

Mike showed Dad around their operations, explaining to him how they seed the beds with clams and later drag up the bags to harvest them.

Dad was fascinated.  He really wanted to get on that vessel and have a hand it in but it was blowing pretty hard that day so Dad couldn't go. But Annie, God bless her sent text messages with little videos of them on the boat and the harvest so Dad could feel like he was right there.

A few month's later my Dad passed away, June 20, 2013 just a few days after Father's Day.  And now I am making this journey by myself on Tuesday but I know in my heart Dad will be with me again on this trip. And this time, I'm planning to go on that clam boat blowing or not and I'm taking Dad along with me in spirit as an extra hand.

Here's a link to Annie's Facebook Music Page:


Annie said...
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Anonymous said...

We are super excited that you're coming! We loved having you and Uncle Joe here last year. Mike and I both think of him often. He brought such light into our lives...and so do you! We are ready and waiting! There are other women here that work on the water, I'll introduce you to a few that are super cool! See you in a few hours! Yay! Love you too!

Annie said...

I don't know why the last comment says "anonymous", and then goes straight to my website lolol Maybe you'll show me how to blog while you're visiting. lol