Thursday, May 1, 2014

welcome home Fiuggina

Woke up early and went to breakfast...Which I might add  was wonderful. Then we went to Terme to  catch the bus to Fiuggi Citta (old Fiuggi) . When we arrived there was a large sign in the Plaza that said Benvenuti a Fuiggi. (Welcome to Fiuggi) . We walked up the spiral staircase and we were transported in time to the Middle Ages.

It was amazing. It was like nothing had changed for hundreds of years!   Many of the streets were so tiny and were essentially just steps. You could never ride a horse and cart much less a car down them. They were very steep too...quite a tight and butt workout.

We found grandmoms street almost right away. But we couldn't find house number 12. It was as if all the even numbers were gone. Grandpop's street was more difficult. We had to ask directions from a man who ran a restaurant who also didn't speak English. We managed to convey we were looking for my grandparents streets. He asked who and I told him. He didn't know Grandmom' s family but knew Grandpop's and pointed out where it was on a map he gave us. He also showed us where some Ioris lived. We found it. Then off to the church they were married in~S. Pietro. It was opened so we went in took photos and I prayed for the people on my prayer list.  The man at the restaurant was so nice we went back there for lunch. It was awesome.

We spent about 5 hours in old town then hopped the bus back to Fiuggi Fonte. When we got back that sleepy quiet town was hopping. There were lots of people. They closed the street and all the shops were open now and there were street performers. I went in a souvenir shop and there was a lady who spoke no English but I managed with my little bit of Italian to get across that my grandparents were from Fiuggi.  She knew the Pannoni's but not the Iori's. We talked a while about them, then she said I was a Fiuggina at heart like her and she hugged me..I was honored. Then as quickly as all the people appeared they were gone and the street was quiet again.  Today I walked 6 miles...tomorrow back to Rome.

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