Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Grand Turk

Happy Birthday to me.  Up early and off the ship for our excursion. We were taken around the island via an open bus.  Grank Turk is one of 30 islands and cays. It is not the largest nor the most populated but it is the Capital so there are lots of government agencies there.

During our tour, we saw a replica of Friendship 7,  the capsule John Glenn landed in only 10 miles off the island. We visited the lighthouse and went off road to a beach where they had submerged a kayak and used it for a touch tank for anemones, conch, sand dollars and other aquatic life. The attendant demonstrated how to open a conch and sliced the poor thing up for an afternoon snack. Glenn ate some but I like my food dead and cooked so I passed. I just went off taking photos.

Wild donkeys were everywhere looking for a scratch and handout.

Back in the vehicle, we drove by their "hospital" and I thank God for my blessings. We stopped by a little shopping area. Most of the houses were nice some were obviously destroyed by hurricanes. They use the same numbering system our government uses when the search houses after hurricanes and they so spray paint them on the exterior walls. It made me sad to see a death count.

I counted 4 Catholic. 2 Angelican Episcopol and one 7th Day Adventist. And besides 2 elentary schools there was a high school and a community college. The CC had been a US Government NOAA facility.  We stopped at a little local market place. I didn't buy anything.

Then we were returned to the cruise center at the dock where I bought a necklace, earring, bracelet and we ate lunch at Margaritaville.

When we returned to the ship I found a wonderful birthday cake sent to me by Charmaine and Klem. What a nice surprise.

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