Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring....now I know how it got it's name....

.....springing back and forth from winter to spring. What happened to global warming. Everyone says we have global warming. I do not believe it. In my heart I believe we are doing the return to the ice age thing.

And while I am babbling up a storm. Did you hear someone wants Obama to release UFO files? Give me a break......what's up with that? Does it matter if there are little green men or not? I don't particularly care. In fact, I think it would be kind of conceited to think God would create only us. There's a big universe out there. I'm sure God was looking at it big picture since He's a big guy.

The other day I went to one of the Tea Parties in Annapolis, Maryland. I had a good time with 2000 other folks in the pouring COLD rain. Everyone was very agreeable and happy inspite of the frost burn we received. My favorite sign was "Congress is a Toxic Asset"....tell me if you believe that is true and you voted for those people again last term, tell me why you did it? I have always wondered why people would give unlimited terms to people they were not happy with. I saw the other day that the Congress has like only a 25% approval rating. So that means most of you don't like them but yet you keep voting for them...why?

I'm at work, taking a short break to post this. Another rambling/venting.........why do people in cubicles feel the need to YELL when they are talking to people. Is it so all of us will hear them? I really don't care for their conversations....................

BINGO......................yes I'm going to Bingo Friday night. It's one of those Lonaberger basket ones. The bingo benefits the work of the Little Sisters of the Poor. This bingo pendant is available in my bonanzle shop. But maybe instead of selling it, I should just keep it and wear it to the bingo...maybe I'll win...what do you think

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bulgaria ...

.........so where is Bulgaria. A long way away. My daughter Jackie and her beau are going to Bulgaria. It started out that she was going to go to a wedding ceremony but the bride who is from Bulgaria originally couldn't get whatever paperwork she needed so Jay and Jackie were stuck with 2 tickets $1,500 each! OUCH.

They decided to make the best of it and go there and then take a train to Greece and back to Bulgaria. So I'm wondering.......is Bulgaria a safe place? I've been looking online to see what I could see about it. It looks okay but I'm praying they will be safe there. That's so far away. I'm going to worry for eight days I'm sure. I found this cool picture of a monastery there.....it looks pretty anyway...........

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I love Mary Sue Easter Eggs

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10 years off my life.....

.....that's what my father did to me! He had a bladder biopsy because there were 2 spots that looked bad to the doctor on a recent test. I had been waiting to hear something and he hadn't called and I was afraid to call to ask.

I had to call my father about Easter and he said. I have bad news. My heart went to my stomach and I almost threw up. Then he said "My septic tank collapsed"............I told him I thought it was about his biopsy and he said, "no that's good, the doctor called and it's not cancer." I told him, I don't care about his septic tank & the poop, I'm just glad my Dad is okay and he laughed and said, we'll I care it's gonna be expensive!

Thank you God for answered prayers....................