Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween is fun for me. I like to see the little kids in their costumes. Today I'm going to the Gem Show in Timonium and I hope to be home to see the many little ghouls and gobblins dropping by my house.

YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS YOU TUBE...MONSTER MASH! Someone did a lot of work.....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Happened to Fall?

What happened to Fall...mid October we were at 80 degrees and now it's like 40.......we completely missed fall. The trees are confused. Some are dropping the leaves partially changed, some green.......what's up with that?

So today I painted like 8 or 9 pieces of china, gearing up for the local craft shows. I wish it were over...and the election. I'm tired of painting and hearing about the election. I usually am very interested in these things but having the primaries so early and hearing it for like 10 months is crazy.........

I'm hoping there is No-Bama..........

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Local Red Halloween Party

So our club went to the Red Hat Halloween Party put on by Donna of the Batty Hatties. It was in Annapolis at the Lowes. The food was great. The entertainment was awesome. The Hatties did the dance from the Thriller video...all in costume...didn't miss a step. There were red hat vendors there. Jackie (my beautiful daughter) won the Pink Hat costume for her gypsy. It was funny because we just threw that together before we left the house. Of course I was the queen. Here are some pictures.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Back from Hoots Haunts & Hats

What a great time Wanda and I had at Hoots Haunts & Hats in Savannah GA. Savannah is a beautiful town but it will never be the same after 600 red hatters! :)

I did quite a bit of shopping...yippee...always need new purple clothing! We had a pj party, tea party, costume party (no one got my Jane Jetson costume boo hiss). We took a ghost tour. Memorable moments were when the trolley broke down in the middle of the intersection while the tour guide was telling us about the Indian burial grounds near us and how buildings would fall down. Later at a cemetary I was unble to take a picture of a tombstone. My camera kept shutting down. But it would let me take pictures of other things. And in a haunted house that had been on Ghost Hunters a lady standing near a piece of furniture had a drawer pull out and hit her butt and a tape of some "white nose" taped by Ghost Hunters turned on by itself.........quite an experience I would say.

I went to church in St. John the Baptist church on Sunday in driving rain. The church was very beautiful. It was hard to worship because I was distracted by the art work.......... Anyway here's some pictures.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Savannah Here I Come

Red Hat in hand, well actually on my head! Going down for the Red Hat Society Hoots, Haunts & Hats.....I'm so looking forward to getting silly.

I have my giggly eyes, crazy sunglasses and funny hats.....I'll post a picture when I get's one of my wax lips -- but alas...I left them in my car and they melted...need new lips.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby, Sugar Baby, Sugar Baby, Sug...............So I'm typing away on my other blog. and I'm listening to a bird. That's exactly what his song sounds like to me. It makes me smile because it's probably one of those last summer moments I'm going to experience for a while. I love summer. I love the heat (but not the humidity). I love looking at the leaves out of this window bathed in the bright yellow of the sun. I love the birds songs.....Right now I'm drinking in all the beautify of the trees out of this window. Soon the leaves will be gone.

:( but for right now it's Sugar Baby, Sugar Baby, Sugar Baby, Sug

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wondering What's Right.... it right to do this "bail out" bill or is it right to let the free market take care of itself. Some say what is being done is socialization of the free market. Others say that if it doesn't pass the world as we know it is going to end.

Call your representatives or not? What do you do? What do I say? I'm not expert. I'm just leaving this in God's hand. It's way outta my control.

On a happier note it's a beautiful fall day in Maryland. I'm getting antsy because in a week or so I'll be going to Savannah, Georgia to the Red Hat Society Hoots, Haunts & Hats with a friend. I've never been to Savannah before so this is pretty darn exciting to me...........