Monday, June 30, 2014

Day Two ...Day at Sea

Cruise Days...I love them. I got up early, grabbed a cup of coffee and my camera and off I went. It is so nice early on the ship when everyone is still in their cabins. I get to take those artsy fartsy photos with no people in the way.

Later I just sat on the top deck reading my book and watching the water go by. I love that part of the cruise...just watching the water. Later me and the DH went to play bingo. Not even close to a win but it was fun just the same.

Got to see some dolphins off the starboard side of the ship. I wasn't fast enough with the camera

At dinner we sat with 3 other couples from the club who were good friends with my parents. I knew Mom and Dad were there when the dining staff sang Dean Martin's That's Amore (one of Dads favorite songs and singers).  It was fun. They are fun people.

Oh I forgot to mention. When I arrived my roomwas decorated n Birthday decorations. At first I thought the cruise line did it but I found a gift slip. It was from my friends Charmaine and Klem. Nice surprise.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day One Ship Ahoy

It was nice today seeing the couples from the club who are on the cruise. We spent sometime on the top deck going under the Bay Bridge. When we got to our room it was decorated for my birthday!

I enjoyed sitting on my balcony cruising down the bay. I have been a little disappointed in this trip so far. First off the decor is depressing. There are kids every where yet the ship has lots of classic art with lots of nudity. In fact in one of the lounges that you walk through to get to places there is a large paint of a nude woman "pleasuring herself".   I just feel its very inappropriate.

Then while at the casino I find you have to put your room key in the machine to get a credit for payout. I don't know about you but many times I have left my player card accidently in a machine. I worry someone will find my key that has my credit card associated with it and buy diamonds or booze, so sadly I will not be gambling.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

One More Day

Then it is ship ahoy for me. I am headed off to the Eastern Carribean. My 6th cruise, it's been 7 yrs since my last one. Right after my last one Dad had a brain bleed. Then I was too afraid to be away from him. Dad passed away a year ago. And mom passed away a year and a half ago. now it's time for me to get back to my life and my traveling. Stay tuned for my cruise adventure.